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After meeting in Atlanta, Georgia at a dance conference in April 2009, we became best friends, fell in love and decided to get married in November 2011. We began this blog a couple months after we got engaged as a way to share our wedding details with those near and dear to us. As you can see, it's become a little more than that. 

I spent most of 2011 blogging about our wedding. In fact, I even had my blog readers help us iron out some of the 234587304234535897 reception details (I use exaggerated numbers quite a bit, too). If you want a peek at some of the stuff we planned, check out It's Sexy Time!, We Love Photobooths! and God Bless, Etsy.

I also love to read love stories and look at other beautiful weddings to inspire my own. I decided to combine the two and accept wedding submissions from newlyweds and feature them here on the blog (that way I can access the pretty details faster, duh). My favorite submission so far has been Gladys & Roy's Paradisus Wedding.

So, we're dancers. Dancers who fell in love. Dancers who fell in love and are got married! I already mentioned that I love to read love stories...well, I especially love to read love stories from other people in the salsa community.

We run a weekly feature on here called Salsa Sunday. Check-in every Sunday at noon to read a new love story from a "real life" salsa couple, see some cute pictures of theirs and watch an exclusive video of them social dancing.

Some of my favorite couples who I've read about on here are Ana & Joel, Maria & Joel (must've been a popular name that year) and Sarah & Danny. Sometimes we make a little cameo, too.

There's a lot of food and food talk on this blog, too. In fact, I have another blog that's totally dedicated to food and my nutrition counseling practice. We like to eat (a lot). If we're not in the kitchen cooking up new recipes (my Braised Beef Short Ribs are to. die. for.), we're at a swanky restaurant like Three of Cups. That's just the way we roll.

Those are all the highlights, folks! Oh, I post a lot about books and photography, too (can't forget that). Yeah, this blog is all over the place, but so are we! Hope you stay a while.
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