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I'm Danielle Rivera and this is my blog.

My email is danfredophotography[at]gmail.com
You can also reach me on Twitter...
...or my Facebook page.

I really love hearing from you! I honestly try my best to answer every email I get, but things are a little crazy around here. Please read through the rest of this page before you drop me a line as you may find the answers you're looking for here. If you haven't heard back from me in a few days, feel free to hit me up again. Like I said, it's a circus 'round these parts and sometimes, but not  frequently, I drop the ball.

Most of your questions can be answered on my Frequently Asked Questions page. Please do us both a favor and give it a once over before you shoot me an email.

If you're interested in advertising with Danfredo Rivera, check out this page over here.

Wedding & Salsa Sundays Submissions.
We are always looking for original wedding ideas and "real life" salsa couples for our weekly Salsa Sundays feature. For either type of submission, I'll respond within 48 hours.
    • If you would like your wedding featured on my little piece of Internet real estate, please email danfredorivera{at}gmail.com with "WEDDING SUBMISSION" in the subject line. 
    • If you're part of a "real life" salsa couple and would like your love story to be featured on here, please email danfredorivera{at}gmail.com with "SALSA SUBMISSION" in the subject line.
Product Submissions & Giveaways.
If you have a product you'd like featured and/or reviewed on here, let's strike up a conversation! We mostly accept clothing, accessories and books, but we're open to other items that fit the Danfredo Rivera aesthetic and would appeal to our readers. FYI, we do not accept payment for these blog posts. We only blog about things we love and want to share with our readers. Think your submission fits? Email danfredorivera{at}gmail.com.

I love food. Like, a lot. I'm a registered dietitian and spend a bunch of time in my kitchen. Every now and again, I share some of my culinary successes (and failures) here with my readers. If you'd like to share your own Culinary Captchas regularly, email me. Oh, and consider this fair warning: We like to keep it healthy.
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