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I can't believe it's already been a week since Hudson + Chelsea's wedding! The past seven days have been a whirlwind and I've barely had time to breathe; however, I wanted to take a few minutes to personally (through a blog post) thank EVERYONE who was involved in the production of #hudsonloveschelsea in a non-corporate-y kind of way.

Danfredo Photos + Films | Philadelphia + Brooklyn Wedding Photography + Videography

Sara Murray, Confetti & Co. + Millie, Maid of Honor // Sara, I cannot thank you enough for being so down to get weird with me from the moment I pitched this idea to you. Even in the middle of our busiest time of the year, you dedicated yourself and your talents to making sure the shoot was executed perfectly. Your talents are huge and soon enough, you'll be making more than medium bucks. I'm proud of you and I believe in you.

Millie, Chelsea wanted me to let you know that even though you got a little wasted on wedding cake, she thinks you're the best. She couldn't have picked a better maid of honor and can't wait to play with you again.

Danfredo Photos + Films | Philadelphia + Brooklyn Wedding Photography + Videography

Kate Farley, Kate Farley Designs // Kate, I just…no words. I was completely blown away by the florals you put together for this shoot. I mean, I've seen plenty of beautiful arrangements in my two years in this business, but what you did for the pups. Seriously, no words. I am so glad we met and can't wait to see what the future has in store for you. Oh, and I think I'm getting an arm sleeve tattoo of this centerpiece. NOT EVEN KIDDING. You're tops!

Danfredo Photos + Films | Philadelphia + Brooklyn Wedding Photography + Videography

Ashley Wrenn-Peterson, hello, bird. // Ashley, your handwriting is my favorite. As a person who is incredibly proud of her own Catholic school-trained penmanship, that means a ton. What you crafted for this project far-exceeded any and all expectations I had for a dog wedding invitation. You created an heirloom. FOR. MY. DOGS. I can't even. Your contributions were key and I'm so glad you took the time out from your insane schedule to create this art.

Danfredo Photos + Films | Philadelphia + Brooklyn Wedding Photography + Videography

Brooke Saylor Ashley, Saylormade // Brooke. Our relationship is almost as special as the gift you have for baking. I am so, so, sososo happy that you and your husband moved here from Brooklyn and that you have whole-heartedly pursued your dreams to be a pastry chef. Your passion and love for all things sweet can be seen and tasted in everything you cook. I am incredibly proud of you and love being your friend! I'm beyond excited to see what the future holds for you and your business and I'll be with you every step of the way.

Danfredo Photos + Films | Philadelphia + Brooklyn Wedding Photography + Videography

Claire Hudson, Pennys & Stamps + Stamps, Best Man // Claire, you know I love you. I have been a HUGE fan of your work for over a year now and you only keep getting better. We are blown away by the beautiful portraits you painted for our fur babies and the watercolor logo you made for their big day…insane. We Riveras will be life-long customers of yours, that's for damn sure and I'll keep pimping your talents out to all my crazy dog-loving friends. 

Stamps, you were SUCH a good boy at the wedding and I can't believe how seriously you took your best man duties.  Thank you for sitting and staying and being completely awesome. Also, thanks for not ripping Hudson's face off when he tried to bite your ankles. Tell your parents that you want your very own chambray tie to wear everyday forever and ever for all time - it suits you.

Danfredo Photos + Films | Philadelphia + Brooklyn Wedding Photography + Videography

Jackie Starker, Amelie's Bark Shop // Jackie, thank you so much for coming in at the eleventh hour and providing us with delicious wedding favors and beautiful bow ties! I love that you're a crazy dog person and that you didn't hesitate for one second when I reached out to you about contributing. I can't wait to visit the new storefront! I have zero doubts that it's going to be wildly successful. The happy couple asked me to ask you to bring Amelie over some time, just an FYI. 

Danfredo Photos + Films | Philadelphia + Brooklyn Wedding Photography + Videography

Amanda Jaffe, Love Me Do Photography + Boris, Officiant // Amanda, thank you SO MUCH for being there to celebrate Hudson and Chelsea's nuptials. Even when things were not going according to plan and puppies were not following our storyboard, you kept your cool and helped out as much as possible. Honestly, the clip with you hiding behind the ceremony backdrop, holding your buddy is probably my favorite. You're the best and I love you! 

Boris, you were the best (and most handsome) rabbi I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for not humping the little dogs too much. You obviously possess tremendous strength of character. You, too, need to tell your parents that you want an everyday tie. Lavender is so your color. 

Danfredo Photos + Films | Philadelphia + Brooklyn Wedding Photography + Videography

Mike + Erika Jurden + Kobe, Father of the Bride + Tyson, Brother of the Groom // Mike + Erika, you guys are the reason we even have Hudson and Chelsea. Thank you so much for introducing us to the dachshund world and convincing us that we needed some doxie lovin' in our lives. We love you and your puppies forever.

Kobe + Tyson, your tio and titi love you so much. You're the best little buds and you'll always have a special place in our hearts. We can't wait to have another sleepover with you!

Denny + Jeni Carvell + Bob, Father of the Groom + Oscar, Brother of the Bride // Denny + Jeni, I can't believe that it's been over a year since we met you in the dog park with your boys. It's been a wild ride with you guys and I'm so grateful for our friendship. Thanks for letting us use your boys as models while you were neck-deep in your own wedding plans. You're the best and we love you!

Bob + Oscar, you guys were amazing models. Well, Bob was (aside from the pooping incident). Oscar, we still need to work on getting you camera-ready. But! You're clearly the best at eating cake. Maybe just stick to what you're good at. Hudson and Chelsea (and we) think you're the greatest. Thank you for being such good friends to our babies.

Danfredo Photos + Films | Philadelphia + Brooklyn Wedding Photography + Videography

Titi Steph + Titi Mandy // Thank you ladies SO MUCH for being on set to help handle all nine of our wedding guests. Despite what the photos and video show, things did not run smoothly, but they could've been so much worse if you two weren't there to help keep everyone in check. We love you tons and tons and tons.

Seriously, we love you all - humans and puppies alike - and couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much for being a part of our lives and of this multimedia masterpiece. For more #hudsonloveschelsea, click here

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confettiandco said... September 16, 2014 at 12:01 PM

We love you lady! THANK YOU for including us and for your amazing passion and commitment to this fun shoot. You're the best. Seriously. Hands down. Best ever.

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