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I've been trying to figure out an intelligent way to put this for a few weeks, but I'm not that smart. And it's Thursday. So…
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This photo of me has absolutely nothing (everything?) to do with this post.

You guys, it's so important to be authentic in your interactions via social media - this holds especially true for those of us who use it as a means to advertise a business. If you are a grumpy, mean, judgmental and/or negative person in real life, don't think that it won't affect your business. It will, no matter how hard you try to disguise it with a lighthearted, happy and/or positive online business presence. 

If you’re a total dick in real life, embrace it in your business. If you’re a happy-go-lucky person who jumps up and down and squeals when something awesome happens – like when the barista at Starbucks spells your name right – let it happen. If you’re a Negative Nancy, fine. Be that. Seriously. 

I know there are a ton of people who disagree with me, but I’ve found that I’m my happiest – and coincidentally(?) – most successful self since adopting a “I’ma do me” attitude. On Facebook. On Twitter. On Instagram. On my blog. Everywhere. I’m me. My extensive research has concluded that it requires less energy and induces less stress to “do you.” Don’t have a business face and a personal face – have one face. Sure, you may turn people off, but whatever. Wouldn’t you rather attract clients with whom your message resonates? I would. And I do. 

I curse. I say a lot of inappropriate shit. I also laugh at a lot of inappropriate shit. I break out into song and dance at totally random times. I’m not particularly into organized religion. I overshare. I’m loud and bossy. I’m head-over-heels in love with my husband. And my dog. When I’m down, I don’t hide it. When I’m up, I don’t hide that either. If you follow me online – professionally or personally – you know this about me. I'm never on my best behavior. I just behave. I’m totally transparent and totally me across the board. Either you get me or you don’t. That’s it. 

Just be real, people. That’s all I’m saying. It's much harder to hold up a front than to just be yourself. Don’t be afraid to post about sunshine and rainbows on your personal social media accounts. And don’t be afraid to post your struggles and rants on your business social media accounts. Share the wealth between them both. If I can see through you (and remember, I'm not too swift), chances are, others can, too. Let everyone know you’re a real person and not just a persona (in a unicorn mask). Just my experience. Bitches.


Invisobel said... January 17, 2014 at 11:12 AM

This is why I follow you. Don't ever change. :)

PS. This is probably why I come off as an asshole to a lot of people. :P

Unknown said... January 17, 2014 at 1:34 PM

Life it too short. Take me as I am is a good philosophy.

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