Catskill Mountains Engagement Session | Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Nikki and Nick were the second couple to ever book us for wedding photography services. I know the saying goes, "You never forget your first," and that's true, but I don't think I'll forget my second either. For their engagement session, the duo decided to use the Catskill Mountains as their backdrop and I didn't mind one bit. photo catskill-mountains-engagement-session-1.jpg photo catskill-mountains-engagement-session-2.jpg photo catskill-mountains-engagement-session-3.jpg photo catskill-mountains-engagement-session-4.jpg photo catskill-mountains-engagement-session-5.jpg photo catskill-mountains-engagement-session-6.jpg photo catskill-mountains-engagement-session-7.jpg photo catskill-mountains-engagement-session-8.jpg photo catskill-mountains-engagement-session-9.jpg

Photographer: Danfredo Photography | Location: Catskill Mountains

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