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I'm really getting tired of using the excuse "I'm so busy" to justify not blogging. Everyone is busy and probably many of you more than I am. Once you stop making a habit out of things, it's difficult to start it up again. This is especially true for us since we've developed a totally different routine now that we're living in Philly. Everything is different and I'm having trouble getting into the swing of things. That's not busy, that's having time management issues. So there.

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There have been some really fun developments around here though (many of which you know if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook). We dog sat for these two cuties last week which gave both of us a very intense case of Puppy Fever. We're in the market for a Frenchie, so if any of you have any connections to a breeder or rescue organization, please reach out to us! Our current apartment does allow dogs something our old place did not. Philly - 1, Bronx - 0.

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In other news, after more than three years of being completely dependent on public transportation, Wil and I decided to get a new car. Meet Betty Blue, our 2013 Honda Civic. We're pretty much in love with her and are thoroughly enjoying being able to pick up and go as we please. Not having to take my old lady cart to the supermarket anymore is pretty neat, too. Most days, she just sits in front of the house  begging to be used, but it's nice having her there. And there she stays because there's no alternate side parking 'round here. Philly -2, Bronx - 0.

 photo kelly-drive-park-picnic-2.jpg 

We've been traveling like crazy shooting weddings back up in New York, but when we do have some free time, we've been using it to bike. A lot. Husband had off from work yesterday, so we decided to take a ride along Kelly Drive. We really do love it here. Philly - 3, Bronx - 0.

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