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Many of you know that I lived in Philadelphia for seven years before I met my Love Cub. Once Wil and I started dating, I picked up my life, sold my house and headed up the Turnpike to begin my new life in New York City (okay, the Bronx). Sure, the Bronx isn't glamorous, but I grew up here and I expected my family would grow up here, too (or in Brooklyn - it's all NYC to me). So it really took me by surprise when husband asked me this question over New Year's Day brunch.

"Have you ever thought about moving back to Philly?"

After I cleared the piece of egg I had swallowed whole from my throat, I stared at him for a good ten seconds before I answered, "Not really, but I do miss it." The fact is although I grew up in New York City, it never felt like home to me. That's probably because I lived in the Bronx which is about as different from Manhattan as Biloxi. But even so, if I have to be totally honest with myself, I'd have to admit that Philly got me. Yeah, I grew up in the Bronx, but I GREW UP in Philly. In Philadelphia, I bought my first home, landed my first real job, met my first set of adult friends and discovered who I really was as a person. 

Philly is home to me and on April 1, it'll be home to us. 

We were not planning on moving back this soon. Our plan that was sketched out over brunch all those months ago involved us selling our home here, buying a new home in Philadelphia and Wil finding a new job (not necessarily in that order). But things never work out as planned in this family (I'm sure you've realized that's a trend for us) and Wil randomly got an awesome job offer in the City of Brotherly Love that we just couldn't walk away from. So we're not. We've no place to live there and don't even have our apartment on the market yet, but we're moving anyway. Let go and let God, right? Right.

And about the photography business - that's the beauty of this whole thing. Philly is only 100 miles and an 1:17 train ride away (and that's pretty much how long it takes me to get to SoHo from my apartment now because Bronx). Nothing about our business will change. Philly, NYC, OCNY - it's all the same to me and my camera. Plus, our parents are thrilled about having us crash with them for a few weekends over the summer and fall when we come up for work. Love them.

I'll share more details about the move once we get settled in, but for now, I have to put my nose to Craigslist to find the cheapest Fishtown apartment I can find before the end of the month. Wish me luck!

Oh, and Wil resolves to remain a Giants fan. In Philadelphia. We'll see about that... 


Invisobel said... March 20, 2013 at 11:18 AM

Good luck!!!

Melissa said... March 20, 2013 at 11:17 PM

OMG! Rich just told me he saw something about you and Philly and so I decided to check your blog and BOOM an update. Wow. Congrats. What a big and exciting move. So sad I didn't get enough time to hang with the little people but I wish you both the very best. Much love! Are you having a going away party?

Caitlin said... March 21, 2013 at 9:15 PM

This is so exciting! Congratulations to you guys!

Diva-In-Training Designs said... March 22, 2013 at 3:06 PM

Congratulations to you both!

I just completed a workshop called "Homes 4 Artists" through Plumer & Associates that helps us artsy people find homes in Philadelphia. If you're interested, call Trish Kelly or Christy Lee at (215) 922-4200.

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