Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Yes, we've been back from Puerto Vallarta for over two weeks, but today is the first day that I can honestly say I feel like a human being. I must've picked up some weird bug on the plane back or something because I have been TOTALLY out of commission since we came home. Husband, of course, was perfectly fine and nursed me back to health. He even cooked dinner for us all by himself for the ENTIRE week! God, I love that man and his baby culinary skillz.

Before I got The Sickness, I edited some of the photos from our trip. The sunrises/sunsets in Mexico are just wow. I want to go back to there...

 photo PuertoVallartaWeddingPhotographerDestinationWeddingPhotographer01.jpg  photo PuertoVallartaWeddingPhotographerDestinationWeddingPhotographer02.jpg  photo PuertoVallartaWeddingPhotographerDestinationWeddingPhotographer03.jpg  photo PuertoVallartaWeddingPhotographerDestinationWeddingPhotographer04.jpg  photo PuertoVallartaWeddingPhotographerDestinationWeddingPhotographer06.jpg  photo PuertoVallartaWeddingPhotographerDestinationWeddingPhotographer07.jpg  photo PuertoVallartaWeddingPhotographerDestinationWeddingPhotographer08.jpg  photo PuertoVallartaWeddingPhotographerDestinationWeddingPhotographer09.jpg  photo PuertoVallartaWeddingPhotographerDestinationWeddingPhotographer12.jpg  photo PuertoVallartaWeddingPhotographerDestinationWeddingPhotographer13.jpg photo PuertoVallartaWeddingPhotographerDestinationWeddingPhotographer15.jpg  photo PuertoVallartaWeddingPhotographerDestinationWeddingPhotographer10.jpg

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Unknown said... March 13, 2013 at 9:47 PM

Ahh so jealous!!! We haven't had a REAL vacation since 2010...wah wah wahhh. But this looks amazing and I'm sorry you came down with the plague after...the worst.

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