Friday Finds | 61

I am forever using Pinterest to gather ideas for what I want our next home to look like and it changes drastically from week to week. These days, it's looking a little bit like this. I think I'll forever be torn between colorful and classic - or maybe classically colorful could be our thing? Colorfully classic? Whatever, I like it.

 photo c458a3a647b9f0eee2858db707d3d4df.jpg
Subway tile is the prettiest.
 photo c046b23cff1cb8db97f8c16624acecd7.jpg
Love this work space.
 photo a0291211ba602fd7378d54abe4d5140c.jpg
If we ever had to live in a studio again, this.
 photo 068a335c6aa6cf06cb80df7af2f63462.jpg
Now that I've completely kicked my coffee habit, I want a cute tea tin collection.
 photo 4f3cfdc485f54453ae2d8afaf1f8cb38.jpg
Another pretty work station.

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