Sightseeing In Philly

Earlier this month, Danfredo Photography took a little field trip to Philadelphia for a boudoir event at uber swanky, Hotel Monaco. Yes, the WHOLE Danfredo Photography team went meaning husband, too. He wasn't allowed to hang around while I worked, obviously, so he decided to spend a few hours exploring the city with his camera. Here's some of the stuff he saw. Oh, and he had a little something to say about the experience as well. May I present...another blog post by Wil!

While Danielle was busy doing her boudoir shoots in the hotel, I did some sightseeing around Philadelphia. Some of the highlights of my adventure were Independence Hall, The Signer Statue in Signer's Park and Reading Terminal Market, a public market located in Center City. I also did some sightseeing along South Street where there are lots of cute little shops, restaurants, clubs and businesses. If you haven’t been around here, I highly recommend it! You won’t be disappointed.

 photo philly-27_zps742638f9.jpg  photo philly-9_zpsfb3c0bf5.jpg  photo philly-15_zps26d84159.jpg  photo philly-21_zps376efb83.jpg  photo philly-29_zpse1776c2e.jpg  photo philly-32_zps394ea46a.jpg  photo philly-35_zpsa8cb9318.jpg  photo philly-37_zps4879885e.jpg  photo philly-41_zps28c96f12.jpg  photo philly-47_zps37da10f6.jpg  photo philly-52_zps73b89220.jpg  photo philly-54_zpsb3b5b218.jpg  photo philly-58_zps4292767c.jpg  photo philly-61_zps38003fc2.jpg  photo philly-65_zpsff7a06b4.jpg  photo philly-68_zps28681167.jpg

Wil snuck in that last one of me while I was soaking in the fanciest of fancy tubs after a VERY long day at work. NOT PICTURED: LOTS of wine. Tons. Why not?

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