Friday Finds | 56


I've been a VERY good girl this year and as a reward, I think I should get some (if not all) of these things. Okay, I'm being totally unreasonable, but a girl's gotta dream...

1 // I really want to start a vintage camera collection for our office. eBay has a BUNCH on sale starting at $1.99. I'll settle for this cute print in the meantime. 2 // The way to my heart is through heavy, expensive glass. 3 // It would be nice to be able to listen to iTunes and run Lightroom at the same time; this might help. 4 // I dress like a 12-year old boy and I'm okay with that. This. 5 // What I really meant to say was I dress like a 12-year old HIPSTER boy. These, too. 6 // The only way to travel in style is with a Marc Jacobs panther duffle, obvs. 7 // I'd love to make an album of all the beautiful images Dese'Rae took at the Annibirthary party.

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