I have baby fever. This isn't a new thing, you know. My husband and I had a plan for the baby-making process: We were going to get married, get my lady parts checked out and then start on our family right away. The thing about plans is that they never work out the way you think they will. Who knew that I'd be out of work and starting a new career and business right after we got married? We didn't. 2012 has been a GREAT year for us - one that tested our love, our wallets and our wits - but it was not the right time to bring a baby into our family.

But what is the right time? Now that our business is established, we're putting the baby issue back on the table for next year. We've studied the calendar for all the ovulation, conception and delivery scenarios and every time we think we know when we want to start trying, we get booked for another wedding or event that throws off the whole plan. Again.

The fact is, I work in an industry that sees its peaks in the summer and autumn months. If we start trying now, the income lost while I recover from delivery will be a LOT. Not to mention, I'd be working 10-12 hour days without breaks or food (not always, but mostly) while VERY pregnant. However, if we keep putting it off, we'll keep booking clients and making excuses to wait. Also, there's the Can I Even Have A Baby? question that we don't have an answer to because we haven't started trying. What's funny about that part of the equation (maybe it's not entirely funny) is that we're basing all these decisions on the assumption that we'll get pregnant right away. 

I'm 30 and Wil will be 35 in a few months - neither one of us is getting any younger. I know the old saying, "Failing to plan is planning to fail," but this might be one of those things that we just can't plan. Maybe it just has to happen, how it's meant to happen and when it's meant to happen. Let go and let God, right?


MODERN MOM said... December 13, 2012 at 2:59 PM

Its great to plan but sometimes u just have to go with it! "You make plans and God laughs" Go for it all will work out! Look at me We tried for almost five years before getting pregnant the first time now I am on oops!!! #3 LOL

Mindy said... December 13, 2012 at 3:16 PM

I think if I planned...I never would've had my son. I probably would've pushed it off not because of finances but because I didn't think I was ready. My son was a pleasant surprise a year after my husband and I were married and who would've thought that I would lose my job anyway and be unemployed for 2yrs while caring for him. We def struggled with money losing my income and being first time owners but he is the best thing ever. I am absolutely crazy about my son. Sometimes you just can't plan these things and those are the things that turn out better than you ever could imagine :)

Nitzalie said... December 13, 2012 at 4:17 PM

Being a Mother is the best 'career,' in the world. Really is. Children are a blessing and change you in ways you can't even imagine. I am rooting for you and Wil to hurry up and have a little one. Ha! He/she already has a BFF in Madison;) xo

Anonymous said... December 14, 2012 at 8:45 PM

Hey. I found your blog a while back, while looking for a decent recipe for brussel sprouts:)

Just wanted to say that it is never the right time to have a baby and if you wait till the right time, the chances are it will never come. I was always told to wait for the right time but I am grateful I didn't:) I was waiting for my husband to finish school but then realized it might be a while and so we decided to have a baby. After I got pregnant things just started to fall together in the most perfect way: my husband passed his last final on the day my water broke, then when I had to go back to work, my husband lost his job and ended up staying with the baby. Then, the day our son was supposed to start daycare, buy husband found a new job. And so on and so on. Things have been just falling together. And if we waited for the perfect time, I doubt we would have our precious son.

I wanted to say don't be afraid, don't worry and just go for it!

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