z8 Fitness Zumba Love | NYC Event Photographer

Melissa was one of the first people I met on the New York salsa scene when I started dating Wil and when I started blogging, she was one of the first people to read my stuff. She still reads and lucky for her because she was able to score some free head shots (while I was still offering those) for her Zumba troupe, z8 Fitness.

So. Much. Neon. Oh, and by the way...remember how I always cry at flash mobs? Well, apparently I cry at Zumba, too. Good thing I was able to hide my tears with my camera. Another entry on the list of "Things That Make Danielle Cry." God, I'm SUCH a weirdo! Seeing my images up on z8 Fitness's website also made me cry. Go check it out...maybe you'll be moved, too. Maybe. Probably not. Ugh.

Photographer: Danfredo Photography | Location: z8 Fitness

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