Pretty In Parkchester | NYC Boudoir Photographer

You'll have to forgive me for taking so long to post the recaps of my recent shoots. It's just that I literally haven't had the 30 minutes it takes to put these together because I've been so busy with...more shoots! I've developed a new system which I'm hoping will make posting on here a little more frequent, but let's see.

Today I'm sharing with you a sexy mama (whose sister I'm shooting later this morning) who came to hang out with me here at my home. I say hang out because that's really what it felt like. I mean, everyone hangs out and listens to Rihanna with her girlfriends while naked, right? Yeah, that's what I thought. Gotta love work that doesn't feel like work.

Oh, and if you really miss me a whole bunch, you can keep tabs of what's going on in my life by checking out my Facebook page...or Twitter page...or Instagram profile. 

Photographer: Danfredo Photography | Location: Parkchester

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