12 Of 30

12. Get paid for my bootleg photography.

You all know that I have been offering my photography services for free while I've been building my portfolio, so you can imagine my surprise when a PAID job fell on my lap. I won't go into too many details about how that conversation happened (I'm reserving those for my recap post about the event), but the end result was that I made some cash. 

I am really loving all the opportunities that have been rolling my way. I'm telling you...this photography business is a dream come true. And I'm telling you this, too...I will. not. stop. until everything I want is mine. I want to be a professional photographer and ITSGOINGTOHAPPENWHETHERYOULIKEITORNOTDAMMIT! Headshots in Astoria today. It's a total shame that the weather isn't cooperating here in New York City (that's sarcasm, by the way). Man, I love my life. Like, a lot.

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