Something Old

FYI: I'm selling this dress, too.
Y'all may remember that I bought a new wedding dress six weeks before my wedding. That worked out great for me because I really, really LOVED the dress I ultimately wore on my special day, but now I have a small problem...I have a beautiful, brand new wedding dress sitting around my apartment, collecting dust. 

I tried listing the old dress on Craigslist, but had no bites on the thing. I listed it on Once Wed this past week and had one bite on it, but in the end, the potential buyer was 2039485702385" tall and wasn't a fan of the whole high-water ball gown look.

I know some of you readers are getting hitched in the near future or know a couple of ladies who are. If you're looking for a beautiful, simple wedding dress, please give mine a once over. I really want to find her a good home and soon.

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