Friday Finds | 27

Hi, there! Danielle here. We're technically still on our honeymoon, but through the magic of the Internet, I was able to schedule this post a few days before we left. Lucky you! 

We fly back into New York City tomorrow to begin the staycation portion of our honeymoon. Who needs tropical temperatures and sandy beaches when you live in the greatest city on the planet, right?! Don't answer that. Here's what's planned for the week...

6. Register for a couple's cooking class...and live to blog about it. Yeah, we're doing that.
4. Convince Wil to get on ice skates. Yep, and that.
Exploring Williamsburg, Brooklyn with my husband.
Don't care if we have to spend $873548723 on tickets, we're seeing this fucking play!
We'll be searching far and wide for the BEST brunch in the city. Detailed analysis to follow.

Do you have any recommendations for amazing brunch spots? We need some suggestions! 

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Emily said... December 23, 2011 at 9:01 PM

Betto in Williamsburg- great brunch! The bruschetta and ricotta fritters are amazing. There's some type of brunch cocktail that's super tasty too.

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