Friday Finds | 26

There's a whole lotta happy going on over here today. First of all, Wil took his last final yesterday (woot!). Second of all, WE'RE LEAVING ON OUR HONEYMOON TOMORROW! I cannot tell you how pumped we both are for this trip considering the bear of a busy year we had. We have a bunch of fun stuff scheduled for this trip and for this week's Friday Finds, I'm going to share them with you because I'm just that excited (and cruel)!

We're staying right on Cupecoy Bay. Do you see that water, people?!
Wil doesn't know it yet, but he's taking me to Le Moulin Fou for dinner.
The Travel Channel says Shoal Bay Beach, Anguilla is one of the most beautiful
in the world. We say, we'll have to see for ourselves.
I'm afraid of butterflies. Naturally, that means we're going to the butterfly farm.
It's simply called, Da Party Bus. We're intrigued...

Have any of you ever been to St. Maarten? Do you have any other suggestions for stuff to do while we're there (besides make babies)? Answer quickly, we don't have much time left!

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nova said... December 16, 2011 at 9:38 AM

LUCKY! Have fun!

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