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Please enjoy this little guest post from Vivian of A Dance For 5.

Hello everyone! My name is Vivian and I blog over at Dance for 5. I am so excited to be here today. Danielle is one of my favorite bloggers and I wish her only but the best in this new adventure. Today I will write briefly on marriage and motherhood. Hope you enjoy. Come visit me. I would love to “know” you.

Maybe it’s a Latin thing, but ever since I can remember I was always attracted to "foreigners." I grew up among Germans, my first boyfriend was even German. I remember how free spirited he was and how with him, I wasn’t getting any of that macho attitude prevalent among Colombian men. He liked to dance, too. It was perfect. Fate had a different destiny for me. He left and I never heard from him again. I also remember meeting so many of the American missionaries in my area and being fascinated with the language and how tall they were. Whether American or German, I knew I like them.


Fast-forward years later, I move to Utah. I date a lot. Even out of my “style” and foreign prototype. Many heart brakes and a move to the-city-of-my-dreams (New York City) later, I meet Amor the day I least expect it. It wasn’t love at first sight, we went through the usual courtship but I will never be able to deny that there was a small but clear voice that told me I had just met my future husband.


Whenever we’ve had rough times in our relationship (because let’s face it: Marriage is HARD and it takes a LOT of work if you really want it), I hang on to the memory of that experience 10 years ago. INSPIRING.

eden 1st bday 056

My “American” husband doesn’t dance. And it’s difficult at times to accept that. However, I have accepted that I didn’t marry him because he was perfect. I married him because he would love me unconditionally, because he would always respect me and treat me like a queen. I got all that and more so maybe someday he will finally dance and then I will be able to say that I got my perfect man.

We had our first child two years into our marriage. Our lives were never the same again. We were so clueless and inexperienced but I look back and see that: “Yes! It was easy!” A lot easier than now, that’s for sure. She was a very content and patient baby. She was a blessing; perhaps she knew she had the type of parents that stress and worry about the littlest things and there she was, making things as comfortable as possible for us. 


We even traveled the world with her en tow. We knew we wanted more children and it would become harder to travel then so we did as much as we could with one child. Her sweet spirit is our greatest gift.


We welcomed our second child when our first was only 21 months. That transition from one to two…I don’t even want to think about it: tough! It didn’t help either that baby number two never slept and always got sick. He whined a lot. He is five now and the sleeping and wining haven’t changed a bit. But his loving manners and disposition to help overpower any sleepless night. You know what they say about children’s personalities manifesting early on? Well, I totally believe that now.


As difficult as it was, my husband and I managed to keep our family together, to grow as a couple, to grow as parents and give the best of us to our little family. Our children deserved it. We brought them into the world, it was our responsibility to give them the world.

DSC_0074 (1)

We had child number three two years ago. It wasn’t planned. A girl, another easy is it a girl thing you think? She gave us so much JOY, especially during times we needed it the most.


Because of her, and yet after three children,we finally got it: It’s all about family. And family comes FIRST. It ALWAYS comes first for us.


“Baby" completes us. The best way to describe what she means to our family is:

I believe we weren’t meant to be alone through this journey. I believe God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be. And in these times of commotion, anguish and fear, we can still see God’s love. This is how He shares his love: through our Families. And that’s it for now, folks! What a pleasure to share this with you. Wishing you a wonderful day.

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Louise Cazley said... November 18, 2011 at 8:22 PM

Lovely! I can't wait to start my family; not today, but soon. :)I have so much love just waiting to pour into my non-existent children. Some people think that having children is the end of their lives as they know it, but I think adding to your family is the beginning of something that exceeds amazing!

~Louise C.

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