Salsa Sunday | 26

Danielle: (runs into the house after work, drops her purse at the front door, blows past her studious fiance without saying a word, yanks open the closet door, pulls out her dance shoes, sprints back into the living room, yells) "Babe, we NEED to record NOW! (jumps up and down while trying to balance on one foot to put on aforementioned dance shoes) I've been promising my blog readers a Salsa Sundays video starring US for WEEKS! And it's Sunday! ANDITSREALLYLATE! WEHAVETODOTHISNOW!" (pants, out of breath) (nearly falls over into the pile of wedding reception items piled in the corner while trying to put on the other shoe)

Wil: (looks down at his house pants and sleep socks, shrugs) "Okay."

I love how he sat right back down to study after we danced. How my calm, mild-mannered man puts up with my crazy, demanding ass, I'll never know. It's not because of my dancing, that's for damn sure. God, I love that guy. He's the peaches to my cream.
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