September Sponsors

I'm sure you've noticed the group of incredible sponsors up in my side bar. They're a fantastic bunch of blogs and shops and I wanted to introduce some of them to you today. 

Isabelle + David + cat, Charlie. Living in Brooklyn, New York and navigating through the world of music, publishing and photography.

Hi! I'm Daina. I moved to New York City in 2003 to attend NYU and instantly fell in love with my new home. Years later, I still pinch myself as I walk through the city to make sure I'm not dreaming. The energy, people and sights are unlike anywhere else. I blog about my adventures and life in on e of the greatest cities in the world. I enjoy writing about my loves of family, friends, food, travel and the simple pleasures of life in New York City.

Hi! My name is Caitlin and I blog over at To Make Love Stay. I'm a twenty-something newlywed living with my soul mate and beastie in the wilds of Western Maine. I work as a software consultant, which has me traveling all around the country to hang out on college campuses. My blog is about love, marriage, awkwardness, general frolicking, anxiety, depression, tattoos, photography, gluten-free living, beasties, traveling and everything in between. I love writing and meeting new people, so grab some gluten-free brownies and let's be friends!

I began my blog around the time my book, Undies in a Bunch, was released. Originally, the blog's sole purpose was to promote the book, but it has since become so much more. My blog is an extension of myself, of my writing and a reflection of all that I love. I am interested in so many random subjects, which I love to share and my blog has been a fantastic outlet and has provided an amazing, endless audience.

Blue Giraffe Art Works creates custom portraits of pets and people that pop, but the artist, Micah McCombs, also creates eco-friendly tote bags, stationery and even wedding boutonnieres (including the ones for Danielle's Big Day).
Isabelle is a photographer currently living in Brooklyn, NY and hails from Seattle, Charlottesville and Charleston, SC... so isn’t quite sure where to call “home,” but is pretty sure it is somewhere in the United States.  She married her guitar-playing sweetheart in 2009 and that began her love of all things wedding-related.  In addition to weddings, she enjoys shooting musical events and portraits and can usually be found playing with her cat, Charlie, eating spaghetti, shooting things (with a camera) that delight her and making cookies for her husband (chocolate chip only).

A big shout out to all my September sponsors. If you'd like to sponsor Danfredo Rivera in October, let me know! Oh, and I'm totally up for trading space, too. All ya gotta do is ask. 

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