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Meet Spencer and Jana
I came very late to the Twitter party. But when I did finally sign up and figured out how to use the site, I was hooked! I took all of Twitter's follow suggestions super seriously and within days, I had some pretty awesome people peppering my timeline. I hadn't counted on Twitter suggesting my profile to people, but one by one, people began to follow me. 

I don't know how you conduct your Twitter business, but when I get a new follower, I always check out his or her profile. I'm glad I'm obsessive about it, otherwise I may have missed Jana all together. As soon as I received the email notification on my phone, I hurried on over to her profile to see what she was about. Artist. Photographer. Cupcake Enthusiast. Yes, I needed to know more...

It wasn't until I actually started reading through her tweets that I realized that she herself was in the middle of planning her wedding to HER Love Cub, too! And she had a blog. I started following her right then and have been ever since. Her blog, He Says, She Says, is, like mine, a place where she (and her guy, Spencer [occasionally]) dish on all things life and wedding and food and...you get the picture. I love her tweets, I love her blog and I love that she graciously took time out of her wedding planning to submit these answers for September's Blog O' The Month interview. Keep reading, she's much funnier than I am.

Me: How did you meet YOUR Love Cub?

Jana: Spencer and I actually met in the parking lot of my apartment complex! It was dark, and I was taking photos of my roommate for a photography assignment when we noticed a lurker. We, of course, thought he was a little bit of a creepy. But, fortunately for me (and Spencer) we bumped into each other again later that night. Spencer was actually with a great friend of mine and I came to find out, with a little bit better lighting, he was not only pretty attractive, but incredibly funny. I decided right then that I was going to get Spencer to ask me out and that was exactly what I did!

Me: When did you know he was the one for you?

Jana: The night of our first date (just 3 days after we met), Spencer said the sweetest thing...He said, "I know this is completely against man code, but can I see you tomorrow?" We spent every day together for a week until I went home to California to stay for a month. After spending hours and hours on the phone together while I was away, I only made it two weeks before I missed Spencer so much that I bought a full-price plane ticket back to Utah to see him. I knew on the way to the airport that if he asked me to marry him that day, I would have said yes. Lucky for the both of us, he waited a little bit longer before getting down on one knee.

Me: What hoops did Spencer jump through to pop the question?

Jana: Because Spencer and I had been dating for quite a while, we had definitely discussed the topic of marriage. And even though I hadn't done any shopping with him, I had this sneaking suspicion that he had been looking at rings. That, coupled with the fact that I love trying to figure out surprises, made Spencer's job pretty difficult (Sorry honey)! You can read the whole proposal story here.

Me: Did you have a vision for your wedding before you started planning?

Jana: My wedding vision has been quite scattered. My problem hasn't been finding ideas, it's been narrowing them down! But the one piece of my vision that has stuck since the beginning is lots and lots of white. Simple. Clean. And pretty.

Me: What has been the most difficult part about putting things together?

Jana: Our situation is a little different...My fiance is filming a movie (he had a beard at one point!) and trying to plan a wedding around his filming schedule has been quite the obstacle. Even though we had a general idea of when we wanted it to take place, without an exact date, I didn't have a huge push to plan. Now, with just a few months until the wedding, I am scrambling to get everything done. Talk about the worst time to procrastinate!

Me: If you had to serve one of your own recipes at your wedding reception, which would it be?

Jana: Pumpkin cupcakes. The cupcake recipe may belong to Martha Stewart, but paired with my cream cheese frosting this one is hard to top.

Me: Have any advice for ladies planning their own wedding?

Jana: Do what you want! It is YOUR big day! Be a little selfish! If your experience is anything like mine has been, your family will tell you to get married in a different state and your friends will think that you're trying to steal their wedding colors in an effort to "one-up" them. You can seriously drive yourself crazy trying to walk on eggshells to keep everyone happy. And at that point, just say (pardon my language) screw everyone else and do what makes you happy!

See? I told you she was funnier than I am! Another BIG thank you to Jana for sharing some of her love story with us! For more Spencer and Jana, check out their blog, her Twitter page or her Pinterest page. If you have a similarly adorable blog and would like to be considered for the Blog O' The Month spot, please drop me a line. I'd love to have you.

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