Friday Finds | 14

My beautiful Maid of Honor and me.
As you may know, my bridal shower was this past weekend. My mother and bridesmaids worked very hard to throw me a fantastic party. There was lots of food, tons of drinks (yes, the girls made sure I was completely trashed by the end of the night) and millions of laughs. There were tears, too, mostly because of the 3498570346 drinks and my empty stomach (the food was there...I just forgot to eat any of it).

Seeing how cute my party turned out got me thinking about how I'd like to decorate my baby sister's party (she's the PYT to my left in this here picture) if she ever decides to let someone marry her. This week's Friday Finds lists some inspirational bridal showers. Happy weekend!

I loved the way the food was displayed at this party.
Totally loving this color scheme and table decor.
Gosh, they pulled off the vintage theme like a charm.
You MUST check out the rest of this shower's images!
This tea party-inspired bridal shower melted my heart.

P.S. I know a bunch of you do your own version of Friday Finds (TILT, Link Love, etc.). How would you feel if I started hosting a link-up party on here every week so we can share our lists with everyone? Just a thought...let me know what y'all think.

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