Friday Finds | 12

What a difference three days can make! With these 72 hours, I was able to buy a new wedding dress, get the favors for the reception, buy the makings for an awesome DIY banner project, write the commission for the menu and program designs, sleep, eat, finalize my floral order, email the videographer and start a collection of pictures I'd like the photographer to take. There's more, but I'm tired of typing. This week's Friday Finds is dedicated to all the pretty, pretty pictures I'm hoping to take on my wedding day. Cheers!

Sex in the City inspired photo via Kurty Photography
A quiet moment with Baby Jesus via Lovestruck Images
A kiss on the train platform via Sweet Monday Photography
Happy tears with an almost-husband before the ceremony via Gina Leigh Photography
Showing of The Dress in The Big Apple via Hayne Photographers

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