Adieu, Facebook

I've given this a lot of thought, guys. For every one reason I have to stay, I find 2349587203 more reasons to go, so it's finally time...I'm leaving Facebook for good. Seriously.

It's not because every few days I find a picture like this tagged on my profile. In fact, it's laughs like these that make it hard to leave. It's because Facebook has made it virtually impossible for it's users to control what content is published. Every time I jack up my privacy controls, Facebook comes out with an update that breaks them down again. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of trying to keep up. It's time to say goodbye to you, Facebook.

I have spent the last four hours hiding, un-tagging, de-friending and saving pictures that will be lost once this profile is shut down for good. To be honest, I forgot about most of this stuff. Take a look at some of the gems I found tucked away deep in the folds of Facebook:

I would've been devastated if I had never seen the last two pictures again. Well, they're tucked away safely on my external hard drive for now. I'm ready to sign off for good, but there's a small catch...I have a Facebook fan page for this here blog and in order for it to stay active, it has to be connected to a personal account. Bummer, but I'm still going through with my plan. I'm just improvising a bit.

I have done everything to deactivate my personal page except actually delete it. I sent a message to all my friends and family members letting them know how else to keep up with the Danfredo household (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, the Facebook fan page, this blog and so on). I'm not going to respond to any messages, approve any tags or comment on any statuses. That's it; I'm done. Period. This is where I live now and I kinda like it here. Come one, come're all welcome to stay and play. Adieu, Facebook. I'll never forget you.


Anonymous said... September 1, 2011 at 10:33 PM

Same... Over their sucky changes and the inability for me to control. I've popped over to G+ - I like it there. Just downloaded 40mb of photos and stuff from FB to start loading up on G+ - and it was sooo easy compared to the hassle it used to be in FB... Previously we didn't have an alternative - now we do and I like what I see... :-)

M said... September 2, 2011 at 10:37 AM

I'm pretty new to facebook, and although I agree, I personally cannot leave. Between my novel, acting website, and my blog, I need to be able to promote events and keep people in the loop.

Also, It's nice to be reunited with old friends and such, but the lack of privacy is a little disconcerting. Grr.

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