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Today is a very special day: It's the first of two hen parties being thrown for lil ol' me. My coworkers, all of whom I love dearly, are throwing me a co-ed bachelorette party at Iggy's Karaoke Lounge. That's right: karaoke! 

I've never mentioned it on here before, but if there's anything in this world that I love more than my Love Cub, it's karaoke. When I was living in Philadelphia, I went to Locust Bar for karaoke every Sunday night; it was like church for me. I'm not good AT ALL, but I love to sing. Oh, and I'm a big ham if you haven't figured that out just yet.

I hope my work buddies are ready to handle all of THISSS! My camera is on the charger and I promise to get some scandalous pictures and horrible video of my awful singing. I already have a little song list going: What's Up, Son of a Preacher Man and To Be With You. Do you guys have any other requests?

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MODERN MOM said... August 19, 2011 at 10:55 AM

I love Karoke!! my favorites are "Don't stop Believing" by Journey, Pour some suga on me by Def Leopard and Here I go again by White Snake!!! LOL

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