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I've been doing a little blog homework and have decided that Friday Finds needs a little pick-me-up. Rather than just listing out my favorite links like I have been doing, I'm going to post pictures to link back to the stuff I want to share with you. I think you'd be more inclined to check stuff out if you have a little preview first, no? Let me know what y'all think. Anyway, enjoy the weekend...and my favorite bridal registry picks...and the hurricane if that's on your agenda, too. To all of us who have to work in the mess: Be safe! P.S. Hover over the picture to be brought to the "Find."

I'm in love with the pattern we picked for our formal China.
Now we need to make some friends so we can have a dinner party. 
This little contraption will change. my. (culinary) life.
It would be a wonderful thing if I didn't have to food process in shifts.
This. In this color. WANT.
I know I've gotten old when a vacuum cleaner excites me.

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Barby said... August 26, 2011 at 2:03 PM

Am liking the new format..
Am hoping to buy myself one of the items on your list real soon.. An that is a Kitchen Aid mixer.. :-)

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