Yep, that's me, with and without eyebrows. I mentioned last week that after four years of having to draw on my eyebrows every morning, I'm finally going to have them tattooed. I'm scared, like, really scared, but I know that I have the love and support of all my family and friends to back me up as I walk into the salon this afternoon. 

Since I know I'm not the only one on the planet who has major insecurities about how she feels about herself, I decided to vlog some of this journey. This video is raw and my voice sucks, but I think some of you may find it helpful or inspiring...at least that's what my Facebook friends say (I posted it on there yesterday). 

My appointment is at 3:45pm EST. Keep your fingers crossed for me, people. I'm an awesome, beautiful person and I deserve to have this turn out okay. It is absolutely going to change my life! I'm going to post the "after" video once my face heals up a bit. Deep breaths, Danielle...it's going to be fine. Here's to hoping for the perfect arch.

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