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This blog has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people both on and offline. One of my new online friends (introduced to me by Jessie at aselfportrait) is Donna from Deer Donna. Donna has a cute blog, an even cuter boyfriend and the cutest fur babies on the planet...or at least the southern hemisphere (she lives in Australia)!

When I was thinking about which of my Daily Reads I wanted to offer the Blog O' The Month spot for August to, her blog was the first one that came to mind. She and her honey, Christian, have an adorable love story and since we're all about the love over here, I thought I'd ask her to share it. She agreed and here it is.

Christian and I met on Flickr, a photo sharing website. We were both photography obsessed, and just going along, doing our own thing. One day, Christian left a kitty face (>^.^<) on one of my photos. I noticed it immediately and started checking out his photostream. My initial thoughts were as follows:

"Oh he's cute."
"Oh, hang on, he has the same phone as I do."
"Hang on a minute, he is from Australia."
"Wait, he is from the same area as I am."
"He must be taken." 
(Just my luck!)

Turns out, after contacting him via a Flickr message, he wasn't taken and he lived about forty minutes from me! We talked for a while via Flickr, then via phone and MSN, before deciding to meet up, as friends, for a photo taking trip around the Melbourne CBD.

At the time, I was not looking for a relationship, but we clicked SOOO well on our first "date" and we were pretty much stuck to each other from then onwards. We have been together almost 2 years now (November 14th is our anniversary) and we live in a cute house with our 2 kitties, Sailor Jerry and Falkor.

We both love tattoos, photography, kitties and eating yummy food! We also enjoy doing crafty things and collecting second-hand items are things and one day, when we get engaged, then married, we will have a DIY-filled wedding!

My blog, Deer Donnais full of crafty, cute things, giveaways, jewelery, animals, tattoos, photos of us in our home and all around places we love in Melbourne and lots of kitty photos, too. If you like any of those things or want to visit sometime as say hello, feel free! Maybe one day I will be announcing an engagement! Love, Deer Donna. xoxo

A BIG thank you thank you to Donna for sharing her love story and adorable family with us! To read more of their adventures, follow them over at Deer Donna. If you would like your piece of Internet real estate to be considered for the Blog O' The Month spot, holla. 

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Anonymous said... August 1, 2011 at 12:59 PM

Adding to my Google Reader ASAP. Love it.

Deer Donna, have fun being Blog O' The Month. I MISS IT ALREADY!

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