This Is A Book

Okay, I finished this book 3984570349857 days ago, but I just couldn't get around to writing a review. Here it goes!

What Goodreads ThoughtFrom the renowned comedian, creator, star and executive producer/multiple title-holder of Comedy Central's Important Things with Demetri Martin comes a bold, original, and rectangular kind of humor book.

Demetri's first literary foray features longer-form essays and conceptual pieces (such as Protagonists' Hospital, a melodrama about the clinic doctors who treat only the flesh wounds and minor head scratches of Hollywood action heroes), as well as his trademark charts, doodles, drawings, one-liners, and lists (i.e., the world views of optimists, pessimists and contortionists), Martin's material is varied, but his unique voice and brilliant mind will keep readers in stitches from beginning to end.

What Danielle Thought: 
When my brother first lent me this book, I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to appreciate it at all. I mean, c' it really possible for a 18-year boy and 28-year old woman to share the same sense of humor? Yes. Yes, it is. 

The one-liners. The drawings. The middle. The crossword puzzle. All hilarious! I even posted a picture on Demetri Martin's Twitter account to show him how hilarious I thought his stuff was. He almost got me killed, honest to God!

If you need a good laugh and a quick read, check this book out. The end.

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