Summer Blowout Sale

When I started thinking about cutting my ad prices for August, all I could think about was this Crazy Eddie commercial. Yes, I just aged myself. Whatever. It's still funny, dammit!

Anyway, we're having an INSANE sale on August sponsor spots! The large spot is gone for the month, but I still have a couple medium slots available. I'm offering the medium spots for (get this)...TEN U.S. DOLLARS! That's right, folks! You can have your very own little piece of real estate on this here blog for the low price of $10. The price gives you a 300 x 100 ad, inclusion in the sponsor round-up at the beginning of the month, your very own sponsor spotlight and the opportunity to giveaway some stuff to my readers! Pretty neat, huh?

But that's not all! I'm also willing to (wait for it) links with you! You heard me right, folks. If you have a blog or shop and want to trade sponsor buttons, I'm up for it! Email me soon before I change my mind.

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