Sponsor Spotlight: Elie Zeinoun Photography

Who is the Man Behind the Camera?
The camera looks both ways. You see a subtle and subliminal self-portrait of me in every photo that I create. If you have not seen my photos yet, I would be very interested in meeting you. I am a Registered Dietitian who loves nutrition. Love, however, cannot explain my relationship with photography. Once you eat, sleep and live photography, you know that it has become part of your soul. 

Why Are You Amazing?
Our special moments in life are precious, yet sometimes can be swift and quick to depart. If you are looking to beautifully capture and recreate them on demand, you have come to the right place. Everything-people photography is my specialty. Get in touch with me for questions or advice. 

What Sites Do You Love?

Tell Us Something(s) No One Knows.
One. I photograph with both eyes open and with my left eye in the viewfinder.
Two. I still love and shoot film photography and think it has more "soul" for my personal projects.
Three. 40 to 50mm is my favorite focal length in 35mm equivalents.
Four. I dance a lot, but not salsa.
Five. My coworkers think I have binge eating disorder.

Elie is offering two FREE 8 x 10 prints for your covered event when you mention "Danfredo." Oh, and he's on the web and Facebook, too. Connect with him, yo.

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