Sponsor Spotlight: Diva In Training Designs

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The Diva (in training).
Scorpio. Soprano. Salsera (On2). Southern belle. Aspiring plus-sized model. Class clown. Minimalist. Owner/Operator of Diva in Training Designs.

The Brand.
I crochet accessories including scarves, hats, slippers and my new Urban Furry Leg Covers...keeps my hands out of trouble.

The Blogs.
Danfredo Rivera, of course! Her blog inspires me to believe in love and a holistic lifestyle. Also, Style in a Nutshell, a fashion blog from my friend and personal stylist, Chris Loney.

The Truth.
I'm a certified nut! Full-scholarship to hell wacko. I've been cow-tipping before, I know how to make snow cream and I get uber excited when I get to wear my tool belt and overalls (don't let the stilettos fool you).

Diva in Training is offering 20% all merchandise to all readers when you use the discount code "DANFREDORIVERA" in her store. How 'bout them apples?

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