Salsa Sunday | 11

Meet Myron and Erika.
This week's couple isn't a "couple" per se, but they have a beautiful relationship worth sharing on here. That, and Myron is a very good friend of mine. 

This is the first time in Salsa Sundays history that 1.) the relationship is going to be discussed from both perspectives and 2.) a BOY is writing! And boy, can he write. I'll talk more about that later. Right now, here's Myron and Erika's salsa story.

She Says: I didn't officially meet Myron at San Diego's 1st Salsa Festival, but I do remember wanting to dance with him. For some reason, he seemed constantly busy and serious; that kind of gave me a bad impression. I eventually told Myron my impression of him and suddenly kept in contact online. We always talked about salsa, this and that, as well as our car problems. Over our Internet bonding, we became the best of friends and since then have reunited again at the SDSBF last year and this past year at the LA Salsa Congress. Overall, we will always have the best salsa friendship ever.

He Says: I saw Erika for the first time at the San Diego Salsa Festival (now the San Diego Salsa y Bachata Festival) in 2008. I remember seeing her and she did catch my eye, but as she pointed out, I was very distracted that night. My friend, Tracy, and I were taking turns taping each other dancing. I was taking pictures as well and even inadvertently took a picture of her as I was taking one of Magna and a few bystanders (that's her on the right).

Erika found me on YouTube a short while later (she has a YouTube channel, too) and expressed that she saw and wanted to dance with me, but I seemed very scattered. She eventually admitted that she got a "stuck-up" vibe from me. That hit me hard because I can't stand stuck-up people myself and I was upset at myself for having allowed someone to have that impression of me. I even went so far as to writing a Facebook note to all my salsa friends to see if I was giving off this vibe to everyone. 

Since then, I've been able to win her over, proving that I wasn't the stuck-up salsero she once thought I was. We've been best-salsa-friends ever since, despite being on opposite sides of the country.

For Myron's class schedule, check out his website. You can also find him on YouTube, Twitter and Blogger. The guy is everywhere! Don't believe me? Well, their video was shot at this year's LA Salsa Congress. Enjoy the "Smooveness." Remember, if you or someone you know is part of a "real life" salsa couple, come to me with the story.

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