July 2011: Sponsors

There has been a LOT of construction going on over here at Danfredo Rivera. I want to say thank you to y'all for bearing with me during this process and also to the blog sponsors who are making these changes possible! I want to quickly introduce them to you guys now because you'll be seeing MUCH more of them over the next couple of weeks...if they want.

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Louise Cazley is the author of Undies in a Bunch and Falling Into Place. She does not shy away from exposing herself and enlightening readers with her reflective humor in her books and on her social networking sites.

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Jess Malot from aselfportrait is a graphic designer by day, crafter by night! She's a sucker for bows, hearts, cupcakes, elephants and owls (or hooters, as she likes to call 'em).

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Elie Zeinoun is not only the most ridiculously talented photographer on the face of the planet, but he's MY photographer for our wedding! Photographer. Dietitian. Beer Lover.

Shauna Howard. Scorpio. Soprano. Salsera (On2). Southern belle. Plus-sized model. Class clown. Minimalist. HNIC of Diva-In-Training Designs. Oh, and she's also singing at our wedding just because.

Triple Berries Events specializes in day-of coordination of your event. They help pull all your details together by creating a detailed timeline, coordinating with vendors and executing your event PERFECTLY! And they're coming from Boston to help me with mine. 

Okay, you got me...this is my nutrition counseling site. I don't even care about this shameless self-promotion because I'm really good at what I do and I want all 2398570235 of you readers to be healthy and sexy.

You know you want in on this action next month.

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