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A couple of months ago, I introduced Adventures of Modern Mom as my very first Blog O' The Month. I decided to keep it in the Lopez family by choosing Fun. Fit. Chic. as this month's featured blog! Melissa, who you may remember from Salsa Sundays, is Zulay's younger sister. Here's a little bit about her blog. Enjoy!

I always felt I was meant to write. I just never knew what. Writing was always very natural to me, but for the most part, other than writing in my teenage journals, I never had a reason to write. I’ve actually started a couple of blogs in the past, but abandoned them due to lack of inspiration. I wrote a blog for my graduate program about my trip to Tanzania, I’ve written blog posts for work, guest posts on my sister’s blog, and “ghost blogs” for others. All of which were fun to do, but never excited me as much as does.

My disclaimer: I’m not an athlete, but being active has always brought me so much happiness. It’s probably because it was something that came later in life for me. As a child, I suffered from asthma. Any activity-whether playing tag with friends, dancing around my house, or laughing too hard-brought on an asthma attack. Yet, I wanted to run, jump, laugh and play like the other kids. My mom, afraid to have to take me to the emergency room night after night, was very much against allowing me to take part in any physical activity. As I started getting older, I began asking my mother to let me participate in the activities that looked so easy for other children. Thanks to my sister, I joined a swim class.

I will ALWAYS remember one specific day when I went to swim class with my mother and my sister. I had a cold, but would not allow myself to feel any weaker or less able than the other kids in my class. My mom, very cautious and terrified, allowed me to jump in the water. Like any mom would do, she sat near the pool ready to pull me out at any moment. We were learning how to breathe underwater. My mom will chuckle when telling this story because I was coughing, blowing my nose, sneezing and having so much trouble, BUT I would not stop. I was determined to breathe like everybody else. Eventually, I did.

I believe my desire to push my limits, learn more about my health and take care of myself stemmed from those early childhood experiences. AND I HAD MANY.

Throughout the years, I’ve tried various workouts, read a gamut of fitness magazines and articles and continue to educate myself about what it actually means to be fit. I became a certified personal trainer to learn more about the mechanics of the human body and help others with their fitness journeys. I am also a certified Zumba instructor. Everyday, I speak with women who ask for my advice. My blog was born after starting my @funfitchic Twitter account and sharing fitness advice with complete strangers. I realized, “That’s my passion.” It’s what I talk about and do EVERYDAY of my life. Why not continue reading, learning and sharing?

At Fun. Fit. Chic., I intend to share with others the information I know about fitness, articles I find that relate to fitness, fun and healthy activities to do with your friends and information about fashion, personal care and beauty that relate to your overall health and happiness. To me, it really is a way of life. I hope to inspire others to live healthier lives as well.

I am so thankful to Danielle choosing my blog as their blog o’ the month. Stop by and visit me on Twitter and at Fun. Fit. Chic. Promise, I won’t disappoint! Love, Melissa.

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MODERN MOM said... July 1, 2011 at 10:21 AM

Love it!!! But why that picture!!! LOL

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