Friday Finds | 4

Sorry about all the negative posts about our kitchen renovations (it's turned into a bathroom renovation, too), but it's really bad! I think the icing on the cake was the contractors forgetting to reinstall our toilet before they left yesterday. All I'm saying is that our tub is gonna need a good cleaning when all this work is done.

The good thing is that it's going to look INCREDIBLE when it's done! I'm really looking forward to putting our place back together and I'm even considering giving it a little make over in the process. I'm including all my design inspiration for our space in this week's Friday Finds. Where do you go for design ideas?

Once the bathroom door is back up, I'd like to hang these towel hooks.

I wonder if my almost-husband would let me put these on our bed.

I'd like to find a place to hang this in our new kitchen.

I think this poster would be a nice compliment to the Cuba one in our hallway.

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