A Business Proposal

You may have heard that I'm a registered dietitian. When I lived in Philadelphia, I used to have a private practice in which I gave nutrition counseling. I dropped it like a hot potato to move to New York and never really thought about picking it up again when I saw how expensive office space in Manhattan is. Yeah, no.

Because of this blog, I decided to revisit the idea. After going on my own epic weight loss journey and having so many people comment and email about my strategy, I felt inspired to go back into business. I'm still not going to rent office space, but have 2930854702359 ideas about how to get around that floating around in my baby brain; one of which being to start a new website: Danielle the Dietitian.

Don't try to click that link. I haven't launched the site yet, but I made an announcement about it on my Facebook Fan Page. From there, I booked my first client...THE PAGE ISN'T EVEN UP YET!

I'm a happy girl and even happier to be helping Rozalin Butow, a lovely 2013 bride, get into wedding dress shape. She's so excited about working with me and I with her. Click here to read a little bit about her weight loss struggles (and her feelings about working with me). Stay tuned for more information about my nutrition services; they're going to be amazing just like everything else I do.

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  said... July 4, 2011 at 12:19 PM

I can't wait to see your face!

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