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Sometimes we're so busy dancing that we forget that those dancing around us are real people. Some are doctors or nurses...waiters or waitresses...students or professors. I'm happy that throughout my salsa career, I have stopped dancing often enough to meet many of the wonderful and fantastic people sharing the floor with me. The friendships I have made through dance have been incredible. Take Lourdes Brolly for example...

Meet The Brollys.
I met Lourdes pretty early in my dancing days. I was an eager beginner, she a seasoned pro. We realized we had common interests that transcended the dance floor and became "real life" friends. 

Over the years we've had MANY talks about life, love, food (lots about food), fitness and fun. I've gotten to know her husband, Brendan, too. He's also a dancer and in the 3425235 years I've known Lourdes, I've never heard their story. Well, here it is...

Our story is fairly simple and odd at the same time. Brendan and I met online in 2005. My love of dance took me to a now defunct Yahoo newsgroup where I wanted to learn more about the other genres that contribute to that sound we call salsa

I had responded to a few posts, when on Sept 12, 2005, I noticed that a gentleman posted about coming to Philadelphia and wanted to know where he could find some On2 salsa. I didn't respond at first. It's a random guy. It's the Internet. You know the rest...  

So, the next day, figuring someone else had responded, I checked to see what that response would be. Nothing. Knowing that my DJ friends in NY, Philly and DC had directed me to this newsgroup and they'd see the response, I'd be okay. I also wanted people to know that On2 was alive and kicking in Philly. I responded to someone who would turn out to be from the UK.

We corresponded a bit over two and a half months, meeting in December. I had originally intended to go to the New York Salsa Festival, which is where he'd originally intended to spend the weekend. A few odd things that lined up:

One. I'd started On2 back in May and gone hardcore through my own training program, ending up at Mario B.'s for many weeks at the end of September through October. I took off Fridays so I could do back-to-back classes on Thursday night up in North Jersey.

Two. I'd intended to go to the New York Salsa Festival, but decided that I wanted to travel abroad more the coming year. So, I'd save money now and travel more next year. Three. Brendan had decided to come to Philly for a percussion lesson. Four. I was stood up by the guy I'd been casually seeing the night I met Brendan. Five. I'm glad that I didn't get all "Latina-pissed-off-female" and complain to Brendan. All I had mentioned was that a friend was going to stop by and didn't.

Brendan, himself, has studied with many instructors in the UK including Eddie Torres (whenever he went over for congresses), Leon Rose, Frankie Martinez and many more. We've both studied and performed with Darlin Garcia. 

Back to the story...after a few texts while he was still here, the conversations continued online and then more giddiness on the phone after he invited me to the world's best salsa event at the time in Blackpool, a.k.a. the Mecca of Ballroom Dancing! It was on from there.

We corresponded, video-chatted, texted, visited and kept the long-distance relationship moving, marrying in 2007 in both Bristol, England and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the intervening years, Brendan introduced me to aerials (think Cirque Du Soleil stuff). It's another passion we share along with my most recently introducing him to rowing. Life is quite interesting with both of us.

Though we've settled in Philadelphia, we've nearly salsa'd, bachata'd, cha-cha'd and performed around the world: Beijing (China), Paris (France), London (England), Bristol (England), Manchester (England), Cambridge (England), Dublin (Ireland), Rochester (NY), Boston (MA), New York (NY), DC, Stamford (CT), Llangurig (Wales), Las Vegas (NV), Raleigh (NC), various places in New Jersey and traveled to Canada and Spain. Technically, as the crow flies, this past November, we literally went around the world together, knowing and trusting that every day in our journey together will never feel mundane.

You can get more Lourdes on her Facebook Fan Page (she's a coach). I swear, this couple does it all! They submitted a video of themselves dancing in their living room to Do You Wanna Dance? by J. Daviel. Now, I searched Google for a good 2345987 minutes looking for album details for y'all, but cam up dry. If you find something, let me know. And also...if you are part of a "real life" salsa couple and would like to be featured on Salsa Sunday, get at me.


Melissa Lopez said... June 12, 2011 at 8:45 AM

They are so cute and inspiring in many ways.

Christina said... June 12, 2011 at 12:50 PM

Very great story! Keep em coming!

Anonymous said... June 14, 2011 at 5:00 PM

I just love these two. Fabulous.

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