An Inconvenient Truth

Every. Single. Coat.
We live on the top floor of our apartment building. The view is AMAZING, but it's come with a price.

In the year that we've been living here, we've had not one, but TWO leaks from our ceiling. The first one wasn't too bad, but this past one...ugh. 

The drain pipe that runs from the roof to the basement decided to drain into our coat closet. We had to remove EVERYTHING from it and wait for maintenance to come and fix the pipe...that was two months ago.

Our bedroom has looked like this since April and it'll be another three weeks before the pipe is fixed. I'm so tired of seeing our winter coats splayed out on our bedroom's couch; it's giving me mucho anxiety, too. I want my pretty, peaceful, CLUTTER-FREE bedroom back. That is all...truth.

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