Because We're Not Busy

Wil and I thought it would be a fantastic idea (insert sarcasm here) to remodel our kitchen this summer. Um, yeah. 

Don't let the sunlight pouring into our window fool you...our kitchen is JACKED UP! No, seriously, it is. We were supposed to have started this project last summer, but a little snafu at the IRS kept us from receiving our first time home buyer tax credit until just a couple weeks ago (we closed last July).

We can't use our drawers, our cabinets don't close, we had to pull stuff off the's a MESS! A mess that we've been living with for just about a year now. We're SOOO over it!

Since I started going all "Julia Child" in the kitchen last September, the non-functionality of our kitchen has been really putting a damper on our meal preparation. Something that should take 30-45 minutes to make, takes 234092305497 hours because we have to dig around for all of our ingredients and equipment. It's très annoying

Believe me, if I honestly thought that we could last another 157 days with our kitchen being the way it is, we would totally wait to start this renovation. But it's time.

So, yeah, for the next two months, while up to my eyes in wedding planning, we will not have a kitchen. Gone will be the days of spreading out my bridal magazines on the living room floor...because that's where our refrigerator is going to live. I guess the magnetic siding will come in handy for seating arrangements, right? Ugh.

I refuse to let my dismantled kitchen get in the way of my Paleo challenge. I have a couple weeks before these festivities get started, so I was wondering...does anyone have any tips about how to continue to eat healthfully while not having access to an oven...or a sink...or a counter...or a refrigerator (really)? I need to prepare.

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