Six Months

I am going to be a married woman in SIX months! I can hardly believe how quickly time is flying by. It seems like only yesterday I first laid eyes on my Love Cub and here I am now, 183 days away from becoming his wife. There's still so much to do, but it's okay; I know everything will come together quite nicely.

We're crossing a couple of things off of our wedding bucket list today. Mama Dukes is taking me to a couple of florists (Remember the Pretty...Pretty Flower post? Well, I ditched the third florist because it was just too far away) to talk about arrangements for the Big Day.

My sister, who's also my Maid of Honor, is bringing me to my makeup trial on Friday afternoon. If I like who I see staring back at me, I'mma book her on the spot!

Bride Buddies, remember...if you fall in love with a vendor, ANY vendor, book it immediately! I can't tell you how many opportunties I've missed already because I've held off on putting down a deposit. It seems that everybody is getting married on my birthday this year, those unoriginal punks!

Anyway, I had better start getting ready. Mom is picking me up at 11:15 a.m. to start this flower show. I'll be sure to report back about all the wedding nonsense that goes down over the next couple of days very, very soon. LOVEYOULOVEYOUBYE!

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