Save The Barista

The CLPFD in question.
My favorite barista had the unfortunate pleasure of cursing out a Certain Local Political Figure's Daughter. Because she was born into $234590823745098237503 and has nothing better to do, this CLPFD proceeded to stand outside the Starbucks and collect signatures to get my friend fired. Seriously, guys, if this is what I'd do with my time if I had $234590823745098237503 in the bank, I think I'd rather stay poor. 

When I heard this story from my pal (she still has a job for now), I was enraged! I don't care HOW much money you have, my friends are my family and when you mess with them, I WILL come after you! Okay, um, I'm not about to put this chick to sleep in the East River or anything, but I did tell my barista that I'd write a letter to Starbucks, defending her honor. Here it is, folks. Names have been changed to protect the INNOCENT!

"I've been working in the city for about two years now; that's roughly 660 working days. I'll have you know that the best part of each of those days-and I mean every. single. one-is my morning stop at Starbucks to see Lisa.

We don't have the same schedule, she and I, so every morning is filled with excited anticipation when I approach the counter in the hopes that she's there. My best days at work are those that start with Lisa's small talk and plentiful witticisms. She always has a way to make me smile...crazy when you consider that it's usually about 6:00 a.m. when I walk into the store. 

I've gotten to know her a bit over the past couple of years and what I'm certain about (besides the fact that she makes a mean cup of coffee), is that she has a great heart, terrific personality and winning attitude. She loves her job, loves her customers and loves making their day a little bit brighter. I'm happy to have her as my barista because she's by far the best! Out of all the Starbucks on the planet, thank you for employing her at mine. Sincerely, Danielle."

I don't care if you're a hobo living in Penn Station or The Donald, if you mess with my friends, I will come after you! I'm hoping this letter in addition to the counter-petition that my barista has floating around, is enough to help her keep her job. Save the barista, save the world!

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