Salsa Sunday | 5

Meet Vladimir and Christine.
This week’s installment of Salsa Sunday comes from a fellow 2011 bridal couple, Vladimir and Christine. I met these two in a performance class 394857203 years ago and have always wondered how they met. Here’s their story:

Vladimir and I met Sunday, April 19, 2009. How do I know the exact date? We met while doing what we both love to do: dancing at the Jimmy Anton salsa social. When people ask, I call it fate because any variable thrown into the mix would’ve kept us from meeting. I'll explain…

I was in Vegas the week leading up to Jimmy's. I got home late Friday and was EXHAUSTED, but I was determined to get to Jimmy’s that Sunday. I still lived in Connecticut at the time and had an incredibly unreliable car, so I would usually catch a ride to the social with friends who lived near me.

I called my friend who I always went to Jimmy's with, but she had made plans to go into the city on Sunday (earlier than would’ve worker for me) with friends. I was crushed. I had resigned myself to a salsa-less Sunday, when all of a sudden my friend called to tell me plans had changed!

I had such an incredible energy when we arrived at Jimmy’s…more than usual. After dancing for a while, I took a seat in my favorite dance corner and something weird happened. Even though I was seated (not a good strategy for someone looking to dance), this handsome guy appeared in front of me with his hands out, asking me for a dance.

It was the best dance EVER! It was like I had been dancing with him my whole life. It was magic, plain and simple. I knew he was a quality guy and dancer because when mistakes were made, there was laughter, not anger. He even came back for more after I butchered our next dance.

At the end of the night, he came over and asked for my number. I don't normally give it out to people I don't know that well, but I LIKED this man A LOT and it felt right! He texted me the next morning, thanking me for the dances and we started chatting. I found out that he hadn't been to Jimmy's in a long time and that he NEVER danced in the corner that I was glued to. I've got a four-letter word for you: F-A-T-E.

We had our first "date" which consisted of salsa practice at the dance studio where we now live, followed by dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant (we still go there often and now known as Mambo and Tango). We were inseparable after that.

People will tell you that you can't possibly know when you found "the one" without time, but I will argue that because everything with Vladimir was different. I fell in love with him instantly and never looked back; he even proposed at Jimmy's! I had no clue he was planning on proposing and it was the most romantic, special night of my life. I will never forget December 19, 2010…well, at least until July 2, 2011: our wedding day.

Sound familiar? Vladimir and Christine recorded a lovely video for us last night. The song they’re dancing to is Creo En El Amor from Rey Ruiz’s 2004 album, Mi Tentacion. Appropriate, dontcha think? In case you don’t know, that means “I believe in love” in my people’s language. Enjoy their recording and remember, if you’re part of a “real-life” salsa couple and would like to be featured on Salsa Sunday, drop me a line.


Melissa Lopez said... May 29, 2011 at 10:57 AM

I've "known" Vlad for quite awhile in salsa circles....(he and actually Wil were my first dances ever at Cache in the city! They probably dont remember that. Lol) I have never seen Vlad as Happy as I see him now that he found Christine. Plus she can keep up with the salsa schedule just as much as he can! ;) I wish them so much happiness. From one salsa couple to the other.....Rich and I wish you a lifetime of love, happiness and of course salsa .

Wilfredo Rivera said... May 29, 2011 at 12:51 PM

Nice dance guys!

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