Mac And Me

Cutest. Case. Ever.
My baby is adjusting well to her new home in the Bronx. We're still getting to know each other, but I think our relationship is going to survive the long haul. I'll be honest, it's a little frustrating not knowing how to do certain things on the Mac that I could do in 0.349587 seconds on my PC, but practice makes perfect. Considering that I'm spending about thirty hours a week on the computer, I should be a seasoned MacBook pro (har-har) in a couple of months. 

I'm spoiling her by providing her with everything she could possibly need: fully-charged batteries, a beautiful case from Bertie's Closet, a squeaky-clean, I guess that's pretty much all she needs (someone needs to remind me that this thing is a laptop, not a child).

If anyone knows of any additional resources to help me transition from PC to Mac, please send the information my way. I'm already taking Mac's One to One classes, but in the the words of Number 5: "Input, MORE input!

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