JKFlashy: Take One

WARNING:  This post contains images that MAY be offensive to some people. If you’re totally against seeing women WITHOUT makeup, please do not proceed any further than this message. Thank you.

Let me start by saying that I REALLY need to start taking my own advice. Remember when I mentioned that if you brides find a vendor you’re in love with, you should book it IMMEDIATELY?!

Yeah, well, I didn’t book Jill K. Imbrogno from JKFlashy Makeup Service at the end of our trial yesterday and now she’s DOUBLE BOOKED for my wedding day! Someone please remind me why I decided to get married on 11/11/11.  Most. Popular. Wedding Day. Ever. Don’t feel too bad for me, people. There is a pot o’ gold at the end of this rainbow. Here’s how it all went down…

I should've known...
My bride buddy, Christine Sexton (who’s getting married this July), knew I was searching for a makeup artist and sent the contact information for hers my way. I had seen the before and after pictures from her free bridal makeup trial and I knew I was dealing with a true professional.

Jill and I talked on the phone and booked an appointment for Friday the 13th (that should’ve made my spidey sense tingle in it of itself). Since I don’t have a car and Jill’s studio is 923485702398457 miles away from my house, I asked my MOG, Natalie, to take off a day from work to schlep me over to White Plains.

Everything was set for a 4:00pm trial time…and then I got a call from Jill. She needed to move my appointment to stupid o’clock in the morning. Let me remind you, that I wasn’t the one driving to the soiree, Natalie was. Anyone who knows my sister is well aware that she is NOT a morning person. I crossed my fingers and called her up to deliver the bad news.

She wasn’t too happy about having to leave for the appointment before the sun came up (just to beat traffic), but she agreed anyway. The only catch was that I had to take a cab to her in the morning. No sweat.

Fueled by “coffee with stuff in it,” Natalie and I made our way out to the JKFlashy Studio in White Plains. We showed up a LITTLE bit early to our appointment (only 50 minutes early), but had a blast waiting for 9:00 to come.

How’s THIS for fun: Natalie plucked all the grey hairs out my head to kill time. If the old wives’ tale about 10 growing back for every 1 that’s plucked, I’m fucked!

I must say that Jill was every bit as sweet in person as she was over the phone. Once we were up in the studio, she made us feel right at home. She listened to every word I said about how I wanted Wil to see me on our wedding day. She also kept her cool when I freaked out about how she filled in my eyebrows…or lack thereof (you’ll see what I’m talking about in a minute).

I was AMAZED by how she was able to turn my bridal makeup vision into reality! She created the EXACT look I wanted for my wedding day. Actually, I’m lying…I had to tweak my eyebrows a bit and added a smidgen of shadow after I left her. But she would’ve been TOTALLY capable of doing that herself had I told her that’s what I wanted. 
Yes, I don't have eyebrows. No, I don't want to talk about it.

I don’t know WHAT I was thinking, but rather than book her on the spot, which is what I had every intention to do, I left. Maybe I was distracted by how ridiculously good-looking she had made me look. Maybe I was too busy posting my “after” picture on Facebook and Twitter. If I knew exactly what kept me from busting out my checkbook, I’d punch it in the throat.

Me, but better...WAAAAAY better!
Needless to say, when I emailed her this morning to book her as my makeup artist, she was already committed elsewhere. Bummer. I did say that there was a happy ending to this story. Jill was able to hook me up with one of the other artists in her company. She assured me that this person is pretty badass, too.

If that wasn’t reassuring enough, she offered to give me ANOTHER free trial with this new artist to make sure that I feel comfortable with her and her skills. Like I said before, boys and girls…straight up professional. Stay tuned for part two of this escapade.

In the meantime, take a look at the JKFlashy website. Miss Jill is offering FREE BRIDAL TRIALS for any and all brides WITHOUT commitment! Don’t ask questions, just do it…even if you live a bit away from New York City (this chick travels). You won’t be disappointed, I swear. Oh, and make sure you book her immediately, too. If I can’t have her with me on my special day, maybe one of you can. Sharing is caring and I care a lot. Really, I do.

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