God Bless, Etsy

This post title says it all. I was, honest-to-Baby Jesus, FREAKING out last week about all the small wedding details that I have been totally neglecting over the past couple of months. I decided to plop myself in front of my computer for 4095872305 hours until I found a couple of key items:

Thank God for my resolve and determination (and bottle of Yellow Tail cabernet sauvignon) because I was able to find some stuff! Some CUTE stuff! Some cute, PERSONALIZED stuff! Some cute, personalized, INEXPENSIVE stuff! I am NOT even kidding, people. Don't hate, appreciate. Look!

I admittedly had been eyeing up this cake topper by The Pretty Pixie for a couple of months. I can't remember how I came across it in the first place, but I can tell you that I fell in love with the fact that the little wooden groom had my Love Cub's hair cut!

I had wanted to place an order for these once we finalized our cake order, but we didn't have our wardrobe finalized until this past week. I shot Kathy, the pretty pixie, herself, an email notifying her that I was planning on buying our topper.

I hope she doesn't hate me for attaching TWO inspiration boards (yes, I'm losing my mind) to my email. I'm just really excited about this purchase and want to make sure that these 3" pieces of wood look as much like my guy and me as possible.

Since I already had the cake topper picked out, the majority of my 4095872305 hours online were spent looking for a guest book. Well, I didn't find a guest book, but I did find an ADORABLE photo book from Campbell Raw Press.

I know, it's not the same thing. Nevertheless, I decided to give Maggie Campbell a shout and ask if she could magic me a Bronx subway guest book. My friends, it pays to ask questions, no matter how outrageous you may think they are because she's doing it!

The last item I was looking for has nothing to do with the wedding at all. One thing I'm REALLY looking forward to after getting married is changing my name. Think about it, people...my last name is Ciappa (pronounced See-Ah-Pah). Can you even imagine how I was picked on as a child or how badly telemarketers butcher my name when they call me up?! No, I don't think you can.

Well, I don't have to worry about that anymore because Rivera is about as easy to pronounce as anything in the English language (and I can't figure out how anyone will be able to make jokes about peeing with that name). 

Anyway, I wanted a necklace with the initial of my new last name and stumbled upon the Gwen Delicious Jewelry store. I fell in love with her vintage typewriter key pendant and ordered it right away! It arrived in the mail yesterday and I'm already wearing it (don't judge me).

There are still 9348572035 things I need to get for this wedding, but at least I did a solid job with these first few buys. Does anyone have any Etsy store suggestions for cute wedding things?


Anonymous said... May 26, 2011 at 1:44 PM

If you think your maiden name is bad, you should hear mine and how people ALWAYS messed it up. Let's just say it's the same last name of a certain Jersey Shore person who has hopefully maed it pronouncable to people.
Not that it makes a difference but I still need to spell my last name now that I'm married. People mess up BOTH names. too crazy.

This is Jennifer over at http://booksrecipesandlifeohmy.blogspot.com
Thanks to blogger issues I cannot comment under my blog name.

N said... May 26, 2011 at 2:35 PM

My last name has always been redonkulous, whether married or no. Anyway, I also have another interesting website for you to check out. The only caveat is that you have to login to see some of it. Anyway, it's www.wanelo.com

  said... May 26, 2011 at 8:12 PM

I LOVE etsy. Funny enough I stumbled acrossed it Googling unique cake toppers for our cake, I heart google. And I found them, showed'em to Alex and he fell in love too! You can find everything on there. Awesome website. As far as your name is concerned you won't find any pity from me Miss. My last name is BUTOW...that's just fucked up. Do you have any idea how many "Butt" jokes I've gotten...Jamaicans call me "Pluto", Hispanics call me "Puto", Asians call me "Bootow", and everyone in between calls me Bertoe. And that is on a good day. And please understand how much reassurance I must provide in identifying myself as hispanic. So when I finally become Mrs. Fernandez I will be overjoyed...and relieved LOL

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