Flower, Child

Blogger, you're not the boss of me!
Y'all know I was off from work this past week and that I had AMAZING things planned for my staycation. Well, I accomplished just about ALL of my amazing things...and I wrote about them...and then Blogger decided to be an asshole.

I lost a couple of posts, but do not fret, my pets...WE SHALL OVERCOME! I'm going to rewrite what I lost. It's a pain in the butt, but it has to be done. The only thing I'm going to ask of you folks is to not judge me for my outings being all out of sequence. I'm probably the only one who'll notice, but still...

Now to The Main Event! Here's what happened while Blogger was being a jerk:

Let's talk about flowers here, shall we? I had been putting off visiting with florists for the LONGEST time, but my mom finally put a stop to that and made me book some appointments. To make sure I actually WENT to the appointments, she insisted that she come with me.

We visited two spots, both in the Bronx. The first one, Columbia Florist, was around the corner from where I grew up. I guess I look like a bride because as soon as Connie, the shop owner, saw us walk through the door, she put on her gloves. That chick was SUPER efficient! Or maybe I'm just super organized, who knows? Either way, I showed her what I wanted and within twenty minutes, she had us priced out and out the door. My experience there was totally painless...if you disregard the price. I bet if I told her my flowers were for a Bat Mitzvah, the price would've been $3495807239854 cheaper. Oh well, such is life.

232 W. 231st Street, Bronx, NY 10463
Before heading over to our next appointment, my mother insisted (she does that a lot) that we get pizza from the most INCREDIBLE pizza shop on the planet, Sam's Pizza.

Walking into that little store front brought back SOOO many memories! As children, we used to stop and grab pizza there on the way home from school a couple times a week.

NOTHING had changed in the twenty years (wow, I feel old) since I had been there. Same "art work." Same tables. Same wood paneling. Same delicious aroma barreling out of the oven and smacking us in the face.

I know I've mentioned that I don't eat anything beige. In fact, it had been over eight months since I had consumed a slice of pizza. Had been...past tense. I ate a slice. A BIG slice. And it was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. With bellies full and eyes on the prize, we continued on to our next appointment.

We got to Wild Orchid a little early, so we had an opportunity to look around the shop. I couldn't figure out what was going on there; it was all over the place (kinda like this blog). It was part florist, part stationary store, part produce market, part museum. I was so confused, but Lisa was able to clear it up for us once she sat down at our table.

"Would you like flowers for the Virgin Mother?"
After Lisa started working with us, there was no doubt in my mind that the place was a florist...and a damn good one!

She took her time looking at all the photos I had brought with me and was super honest about whether or not she would be able to recreate my "looks" in a cost-effective way.

She was straight up with me and told me that the centerpieces I was in love with were nearly impossible to make and if they did make them, they'd cost about $300 A PIECE! Um, thanks, but no thanks.

We were in there for a little over an hour and a half, but by the end of our appointment I had a BEAUTIFUL assortment of flowers selected for my Big Day...and it was $23985702398572034 cheaper than the first place we went to. SOLD!

What's really exciting is that they're going to make me a sample bouquet in a couple of weeks. I haven't even committed to this place yet, people (even though I probably will)! Nothing beats excellent customer service. Honestly, that'll score a sale with me every. single. time.

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