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Some of you may have noticed a cute little button on my sidebar for this month's Blog O' The Month! I haven't had the opportunity to properly introduce Adventures of Modern Mom as our featured blog because the modern mom herself, Zulay Lopez-Fernandez, was on a well-deserved vacation in the Dominican Republic. Well, now she's BACK and she's ready to tell us a little bit about her piece of Internet real estate! Ladies and gentlemen, introducing: ZULAY!

Hi, my name is Zulay Lopez-Fernandez. I am 31-years old and was born and raised in the South Bronx! Exclamation point because if you know anyone from the Bronx, you know we rep’ our ‘hood like we rep’ our cultures!

Anyway, I have been with my lovely husband, Hector, for going on 17 years (we’ve been married for 8). Our love story began when we were just teenagers! We grew up together and have been through a lot. Starting a family together was a little harder than we thought!

Everyone around us was getting pregnant, while we were in a limbo state. I finally went to the doctor and found that one of my fallopian tubes was blocked. Once that was corrected, we finally got pregnant with our now 3-year old daughter, Layla (yes, she was named after the Eric Clapton song; he is one of my favorite artists).

Look at those modern parents!
After Layla, we got an unexpected surprise and found out we were pregnant with Ava (now 1). Yes, I am a HUGE music fan and it plays a big role in my life. I love the church song, Ava Maria; it’s what made me think of the name.

My lovely first-born doggie, Bosco, rounds out the Fernandez Clan! He is a handful and fits right in with my active little girls! Our family is complete.

I am a genuine person who usually tells it like it is, which sometimes gets me in trouble! When it comes to my family, I am the typical Puerto Rican mother…no one messes with me and “mines!”

I started this blog because though I always wanted to have kids, motherhood didn't come as easy for me as it did for others around me. The things I’ve experienced have been things that many never dared to talk, but were really funny! I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about my blog, but being a busy mom of two has caused me to neglect it. Recently, I have begun to feel energized and inspired to bring my blog to another level!

Thanks, Zulay, for sharing a little bit of your family's story with us! For more Adventures of Modern Mom, check into If you're a Blogger and would like to be featured as our "Blog O' The Month," give me a holler. danfredorivera[at]gmail[dot]com

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