Our First Interview

Happy Thursday, everyone! The skies are threatening to open up here in New York City, but I'm not going to let anyone rain on my parade because WE WERE FEATURED IN AN INTERVIEW ON ANOTHER BLOG TODAY!

That's right, friends! My lovely mommy blogger buddy, Nitzalie Garced, at Peanut & Me asked me to do a feature on our little blog. I'm going to pretend that the facts that she and I are co-workers and that her Peanut is going to be the flower girl at our wedding had NO influence whatsoever over landing a gig on her feature spot. Nevertheless, I was incredibly honored to be interviewed by her and mentioned on her wonderful little blog. Please take a peek around her site and be sure to read the interview!

Well, it's raining now and as per usual, I do not have an umbrella on me. I have 45 minutes to magic a solution to this problem. Any suggestions, people?

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